The main body of my work consists of portraits and sculptural acts. In my practice, the different mediums affect one another and motivate me alternatingly. Integrating my works into large-scale installations creates a network of connections, contexts and meanings.

My studio practice evolved from my earlier portrait paintings, which were translated and processed by using a variety of materials in an effort to push the boundaries of the painting. In this manner, for instance, the woven canvas became a warp and weft of clear tubes. The paint used in my portraits was replaced by colorful liquid cleaning agents, sealed inside tubes that preserve their wetness.The colors are sampled and isolated until eventually their true nature reveals itself: vibrant and alluring on one hand, toxic on the other.

I live and work in the Neve Shaanan neighborhood, a neglected area, which is, ironically, full of small maintenance shops. The materials I use in my works come from there. This way, I form a dialogue with the neighborhood, it’s residents and the resources it offers. 
Through my works, I react to issues that arise from my social, familial and local surroundings. 


By moving the cleaning agents from storage rooms to the central stage, I question the habit of hiding and sweeping issues under the carpet. The cleaning action is a recurring theme in my life, which appears as a sisyphean action designed to impose, dictate boundaries, order and discipline. My work offers a visual language that sometimes glorifies and sometimes ridicules the repetitive, fruitless cleaning action.

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Aviv Grinberg (Yavne, 1991) is an interdisciplinary artist, currently lives and works in Tel Aviv. Grinberg received his BFA at the Shenkar Multidisciplinary Art School in 2017. Following his graduation he won the Margaret and Sylvan Adams Family Foundation award for art graduates and was chosen as promising emerging artist by the Edmond De Rothschild Foundation. Grinberg’s work has been exhibited in Zumu The Travelling Museum, Hanut Gallery, Mansion House and University of Haifa. He participated in Facebook Artist in Residence Program and created an artist workshop for Microsoft as part of the OFFF TLV design festival. Grinberg Recently chosen as one of Forbes-Israel's 30 under 30 most influential individuals.

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