October 2018 From Everyday Objects Into a Work of Art - An interview on a Israeli TV show, Paula and Lion

Art Source Aviv Grinberg Conteporary Artist
In the Studio with Aviv Grinberg
Interview, Portfolio, Inbal Sinai, DEC 2019 (HE)
Art Source - In the Studio with Aviv
In the Studio with Aviv Grinberg. Interview, Art Source, Inbal Sinai, DEC 2019 (EN)
Culture Trip - Aviv Grinberg
Inside the Studios of Tel Aviv’s Most Exciting Artists, recommendation, AUG 2019 (EN)
Thoughts About Color - Aviv Grinberg
Interview, Magazin Eitsuv, JUN 2019 (HE)
Dusty Wave - Facebook mural
Interview, Portfolio, Hagit Peleg Rotem, MAY 2019 (HE)
An interview on Calcalist
Interview, Calcalist, Reut Barnea, OCT 2018 (HE)
An interview on Haaretz
Interview, Haaretz, Mae Palty, JAN 2018 (HE)
Soap Opera
The Soap Wept Very Much - recommendation
Fresh Paint, recommendation
Maariv, Eli Sahar, APR 2018 (HE)
Aviv Grinberg - First Exhibition
Interview, Mako, George Avni, OCT 2015 (HE)
Showcasing art on social media
Interview, Walla! Sheee, Donna Weinberg, JUN 2018 (HE)
Fresh Paint Top 9 promising artists
TimeOut, Nadav Neuman, APR 2018 (HE)
Graduation Exhibition, review
Portfolio, Hagit Peleg Rotem, JUL 2017 (HE)
Artistic Collaborations
TimeOut Israel, Marissa Shapiro, SEP 2018 (EN)
70 Years of Chemistry
An edition for chemistry teachers and students exposing them to discoveries and innovations in industry, academy, research and development, that have made a contribution to Israel, the world and humanity.
Weizmann Institute in collaboration with the department of Chemistry at the Ministry of Education.
Cleaning - the art version
Interview, Acro Nadlan, APR 2018 (HE)
Oh So Arty recommendation
Oh-So-Arty Tours news, JUN 2018 (EN)
An interview on Factory 54
Interview, Factory 54, Tal Ziv, JAN 2018 (HE)
Oh So Arty, recommendation
Culture Trip, Reuben Lewis, JAN 2018 (EN)
TimeOut Studio Visit
TimeOut, Joe Grinbaum, JAN 2018 (HE)
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An interview on Calcalist

Interview, Calcalist, Reut Barnea, OCT 2018 (HE)

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